'Chuckwagon' Montana Made Gift Basket

Cream of the West

The Chuckwagon is our full meal deal gift basket packed with organic whole grains!  Grown in Montana and Made in Montana.

Become your own breakfast chuckwagon with our Roasted Wheat, Roasted 7-Grain, and Roasted Ranch Oats cereals; add 7-Grain Buttermilk Flapjack Mix, Montana Crunch, Cowboy Seasoned Breading Mix, and Montana Morning coffee beans. Then squeeze in Chokecherry Syrup, Sweet Clover Honey, and a Cookbook of Country Favorites.

A great gift item of healthy, hearty and yum-delicious products... if it makes its way past your own breakfast plate!

Flat Rate Shipping $14.95 in Continental U.S. Ships within 3 days.

IS THIS A GIFT? Simply place your information in the box at check out that says "Notes to Distinctly".  We do NOT put receipts in our packages.