Rocky Mountain Montana Made Gift Box

Gwen Croghan

Any range rider would be happy to chow down on this Montana made gift!  The Rocky Mountain Gift Box is a high quality, unique gift and includes the following:

  • 12 oz. Buffalo Salami Sausage

  • 12 oz. Elk Summer Sausage

  • 8 oz.. of Sharp Cheddar 

  • 4 oz. Chalet Market Honey Mustard

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 The Rocky Mountain Gift Box

12 oz. Buffalo Salami Sausage: This is one of our signature sausages. Made with 80% buffalo (bison) meat and 20% beef. Our Buffalo Salami has a hint of garlic and offers a robust, tangy flavor.

12 oz.  Elk Summer Sausage: Spicy blend of garlic and mild pepper. A very lean sausage. 

4 oz. Chalet Market Honey Mustard: This 4 oz. glass jar of honey mustard is sweet with a hint of horseradish and is our own signature recipe. You'll quickly find that this delicious honey mustard is a key ingredient to your buffalo salamis and elk sausages. It also goes great with bratwursts, ham, deli sandwiches and in the center of your meat & cheese trays when entertaining guests. 

3 oz. ea. of Sharp Cheddar and Brick Cheese

    • Purple Cheese Triangle: 3 oz. Sharp Yellow Cheddar
    • Gold Cheese Triangle: 3 oz. Brick Mild White Cheese 


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