Chickadee Bird Night Light

Ida Mutchie

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with "Chickadee Bird" fused glass night light plugs. Chickadee can be found in Montana all year round. All night lights are fused glass, handmade and the images are fired to the glass and will not come off.

Each light gives a beautiful gentle low glow that helps you move around at night, but not so bright as to keep you awake.

Dimensions: 2.5" (Height) x 2.5" (Width) x 1.5" (Depth) 

Lighting: each night light comes with a LED bulb that does not get hot and takes very little electricity to run.

Please note: the color of the outside trim glass could show a shade different than the actual glass in photos.

The size specified is a close approximation as the glass expands when fired in the kiln.

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