Huckleberry Flameless Candles

Heather Mull

These Huckleberry Candles have leaves from the huckleberry bush that produce the luscious huckleberries - a favorite among berries.  The artist combines hand-painting with actual huckleberry leaves pressed into the beeswax.  All candles are handmade and arranged artistically on a background of light ivory beeswax. This process requires several subtle stages of color to create a softly glowing silhouetted background when the candles are lit. 

The artists of these candles are avid hikers and lovers of the outdoors, which is captured in their designs. Simulating the natural surroundings of the outdoors, the artist arranges the foliage in a natural, lyrical way, creating a beautiful display of nature's bouquet. This makes each candle a truly unique work of art and a one-of-a-kind design and slight variations from the candles pictured should be expected. 

**Batteries are NOT included**

Battery Size:

Small & Medium size - Each candle uses two “C” batteries which will provide up to 900 hours of ‘lit’ time. Each candle is equipped with an automatic timer which can be set to 4 hours (on) or 8 hours(on), and the candle will turn on and off automatically each day. If preferred, the candle can be turned on and off manually as well. 

Large size - Each candle uses two “AA” batteries which will provide up to 100 hours of ‘lit’ time. *Due to the shortage of supple, this candle size has to be made from a different vendor. So the battery usage is different. 


  • Small  Candle: 3 x 4” @$37
  • Medium  Candle: 3 x 6” @$45
  • Large Candle: 3 x 9” @$49

    You may purchase single candles, candle duos or candle trios of any combination of sizes. Mix and match any way you'd like! 

    If you only would like one candle, then simply select "none" for the options of a 2nd and 3rd candle. If you would like two candles, then put "none" in the space for a 3rd candle option.

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