Montana Sapphire Ring, Five Stone

Debra McClain

The beautiful ring features 5 stone in 3.25 mm on sterling silver will represent your love to your special ones. 

Sapphires are among the rarest and hardest gemstones in the world, which makes them a timeless gift. They maintain their brightness and beauty impeccably over time. Montana sapphires have a remarkable color and brilliance that is found nowhere else in the world.

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Please see SIZE GUIDE to see actual size of the Montana Sapphires in this ring and be sure to specify the exact ring size you want

PLEASE NOTE- Montana Sapphires being a natural stone has a range of blue tones that go from shades of blue to blue/green.  Do not use your screen image of the earrings as a guide as screens show tones differently.

Montana sapphires are natural stones that vary in shades of color and may not look exactly like the picture but will be varying shades of blue/green to blue.

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Sapphire Size Guide



Dimensions: Ring features five 3.25 mm sapphire stone.

Montana Sapphires vs. Montana Yogo Sapphires

Montana is known as the Treasure State because it is rich in many mineral and gemstone sources, including two types of sapphires: the Yogo Sapphire and the fancy Montana Sapphires.

People often ask what is the difference between a Yogo sapphire and a Montana sapphire. Yogo sapphires are mined near Utica Montana at Yogo Gulch sapphire mine, while Montana sapphires are found mostly in the western part of the state.

Yogos are natural in color (usually blue or purple) and are never heat treated; it is a natural sapphire. Montana sapphires come in a variety of colors; some that are found no where else in the world. This is what makes the Montana Sapphire so appealing and unique. 

Yogos are usually very small as a result of the way they formed (i.e.,  the rough is fairly flat). Yogo sapphires are Montana sapphires but Montana sapphires are not always Yogos. Although all Montana sapphires are rare since they are no longer commercially mined, Yogos are the rarest and are famous for their Yogo sapphire cornflower blue color and their place among the Crown Jewels of England.

More information on their history: Development of Montana Sapphire Industry