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Grizzly Bear Paw Track

by: Eric Thorsen

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"It is hoped this track will instill a greater respect for such a powerful animal."

- Dwayne Ehli  (Bigfork, Montana)

As a representation of Montana's state animal, the Grizzly Bear Paw Print is the ideal Montana souvenir. We have the perfect casting of a very large Grizzly bear paw, cast from a real grizzly track found in Northwest Montana! 

After packing three seasons in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness, Dwayne Ehli found the original track along the banks of the North Fork of the Sun River in 1974. The original front Grizzly track measures more than 12" from the heel to tip of it's saber-like claw. The original track was accurately cast in plaster and each track is hand cast in hydrocal plaster from the original and hand colored to look very realistic! 

*The track is made to hang on the wall right out of the box. It also looks impressive displayed on a table or desk by placing it on a small easel. 

Dimensions: measures 14" L x 9.5" W x 2" D

* Each boxed item contains a copy of the original story as recorded by D. Ehli recounting his collecting the track.

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More Information on the Grizzly Bear, Montana's State Animal: The Grizzly Bear, at one time, ranged over the mountainous terrain of the entire west coast of North America, but now is close to extinction with few remaining within the Northern Rocky Mountains. The Grizzly is one of the most formidable animals in the world. They can reach a weight of more than 1200 pounds, a height of 9 feet or more when standing on their hind legs and they can run over 30 miles per hour for short distances. 

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