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"Keeping the Earth Green, One Bag at a Time."

This Montana Made Wool Tote Bag combines function with big sky style, using recycled military blankets. Perfect for camping trips, hunting excursions or winter adventures, the drab olive mousy hues blend perfectly with the natural environment of the mountain wilderness.

Thoughtful design and heavy-duty materials make this a gift that your loved one will keep and use for years.

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Four pockets total plus the divided inner storage area. Two pockets under the flap. The inside of the large pocket is divided by a layer of the wool fabric, with two additional pockets inside. The bag measures 9.5" by 9.5", providing plenty of room for hunting accessories, a first aid kit, lunch and other outdoor necessities.

The 53" handmade adjustable leather strap has 14 holes which can shorten the strap up to 40". The bag can be worn across the chest, as a messenger bag, or as a tote over the shoulder. The front flap is adorned with a vintage style accent concho.

*Many bags are similar but, if you look closely, they are always one-of-a-kind. The military blankets and hand cut leather may have variations in color.


Bag: 9.5" by 9.5"

Leather strap: 53" hand-made adjustable leather strap with 14 hole adjustments which can shorten the strap up to 40"

*Dimensions of pockets under flap:

  • pocket 1 & 2: 5"x 5"

**Dimensions of main compartment pockets

  • pocket 1 & 2: 5"x 5"

What is a Possible Bag?
It is a bag carried by hunters that holds every essential item deemed necessary in the wilderness.

Why is it called a Possible Bag?
Possible Bags date back to the time of the explorers and Mountain Men. All items critical for survival were kept in the Possible Bag and it was always kept within arm's reach. We couldn't find an definitive explanation for the name. One resource states that personal items were calls "possibles" and the bag was intended for carrying personal items. Another conjecture states that the bag contained resources for every possibility. This explanation seems to be the most logical.

What makes our Possible Bag different?
When keeping with historical tradition, most Possible Bags are made from leather or animal skins. There are modern versions of Possible Bags made from canvas and even synthetic materials. Our Possible Bag is made from wool, a woolen blanket to be precise. Wool fabric is better than quiet, it's silent. This is an excellent characteristic for hunters. The fabric is a tight weave but still flexible. The drab olive and mouse color give the bag a traditional appearance. Our sturdy leather strap is plenty long for big guys (53") and fully adjustable for everyone else.


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