Vintage Leather Cuff Bracelet, Embedded Crystals SOLD OUT

Mary Summers

A vintage design, these hand-tooled Black, Blue or Bordeaux vintage leather cuff bracelets have Swarovski Crystals embedded into the design. 

Swarovski has been producing beautiful high quality Austrian Crystal Elements since 1895.  First, each cuff is cut out individually and is imprinted using a vintage design printer block and an arbor press. It is then dyed, buffed, edged, and finished with a protective coating before the snaps and crystals are added.

    Choose Leather Color: Black, Bordeaux (Brown), and Blue

      Choose Crystal Color: Pink, Blue, Green

      See SIZE GUIDE to ensure a perfect fit
      FREE SHIPPING! in Continental U.S. 
      Made to Order. Ships within 7-10 days.

      Dimensions: approximately 5/8 inch wide

      *These are hand cut designs and dimensions may vary slightly.

      Materials: Vegetable tanned leather (with eco friendly dyes and finishes); Swarovski Crystals; Snaps

      *Disclaimer: Each piece of leather has its own characteristics such as grain, color, density, thickness, and possibly a marking or brand. All of these characteristics make each item unique. Expect slight variations from the leather that is pictured.

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      Size Guide

      This cuff comes in four sizes. If your size is not listed on the drop down menu, we are more than happy to make a custom size for you at no extra charge.

      Sizes Available (in inches): 6.75", 7", 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9" (bracelets can be made sized to order - see below)


      *Cuffs can be made in any sizeIf your size is not listed on the drop down menu, we are more than happy to make a custom size for you at no extra charge. If you need a size other than what is shown, please select the “In Another Size” option and contact us by either leaving us a note at checkout or e-mailing us at


      SIZE GUIDE - What Size Am I?

      *Our sizes are measured in inches from the center of each snap to snap. Sizes are the measurement from the center of one snap to the center of the other.

      • Tighter Fit: Add 1/2" to wrist measurement (in inches) for tight fit (with room to move)
      • Looser Fit: Add 1" to wrist measurement (in inches) for a loose fit (a more bangle feel)

      Women Standard Sizes

      • Extra Small: 6.75”
      • Small: 7”
      • Medium: 7.5”
      • Large: 8”


      Men Standard Sizes

      • Small: 8”
      • Medium: 8.5”
      • Large: 9”

       *As a general rule you would measure your wrist with a tape or string not pulling it too tight. Take that measurement and add 1/2 inch or half size to get a tight fit but it still moves up and down a little on your wrist. You would add an inch or one size to allow for a looser fit (a more bangle feel).