"Summer Solstice" & "Buffalo Trail" Yellowstone Coffee Vintage Cans

Ben Weyer

From farm to cup. Artisan roasted since in Bozeman, Montana since 1998. This original treeline cans is filled with more than a coffee that gets your morning rolling. The Buffalo Trail is Inspired by the American Bison that roam the Greater Yellowstone. These cans make thoughtful gifts or fun home decor!

A set includes

  • 2 Vintage Coffee Cans (11 oz.): choice of Buffalo Trail or Summer Solstice in whole bean or ground

Summer Solstice: Rich notes of dark chocolate and molasses highlight this blend of coffees from Colombia and Peru.

  • COUNTRY: Colombia, Peru
  • VARIETY: Blend
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Molasses
  • ROAST: Medium-Dark

Buffalo Trail:  Certified Fair Trade and Organic. The cup has bold flavors, a strong finish, and rich notes of dark chocolate.

  • CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade Organic
  • COUNTRY: Colombia, Papua New Guinea
  • VARIETY: Blend
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Dark Cocoa, Smooth, Heavy Finish
  • ROAST:Dark

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From Yellowstone Coffee Roasters:

“Coffee is our craft, passion, and community. We acknowledge that as roasters, we play an integral role in bridging the gap from farm to cup. We aim to source, roast, and deliver a product that is socially, environmentally, and economically ethical. 

We strive to buy and roast coffees which enrich lives from farm to cup. Our business has the unique capacity to connect with individuals through many different levels of the coffee value chain. During every interaction, we work toward creating a positive impact.

From producer to consumer. The Colombian Andes to our hometown Bridger Range. Our mission is this: to craft coffee for a better day.”