Montana Carver Large Cutting Board

Mitchell Martishius

This product will be available again in January 2021

Adding a conversation piece to your party! Features deep juice grooves leading to a  Montana shaped reservoir in the center of this oversized hardwood cutting board. Measuring approx 2.5 feet across.  This board makes quite a statement.

This board is constructed from gorgeous North American Hardwoods, without using any staining or harsh chemicals. Great for carving and serving large delicacies, such as prime rib, turkey, or ham, or as a large serving tray.

Each board is hand-assembled with food grade glue to showcase the natural beauty of the different wood species. Soaked in food-grade mineral oil and finished with a mineral oil/beeswax mixture to give the surface a slight moisture repellent layer. The pieces are built to last for many years!

Dimensions:  29-1/2” x 16-1/4” x ¾

* Variations occur as each piece is handmade, and some woods are denser than others.

Price: $159.00

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