Montana Dryhead Agate Oval Pendant

Debra McClain

A true Montana souvenir! An actual piece of made in Montana you can wear around your neck! 

This Montana Dryhead Agate pendant is one-of-a-kind, making it a unique gift of nature's art. As the state's gemstone, the colors and patterns displayed by Montana Agate will remind you of the Big Sky Country. 

If this isn't a Made in Montana gift then we don't know what is!


Montana Dryhead Agate History: In the depths of Montana's Big Horn Canyon, the extremely rare dryhead agate featured in this pendant was collected over 30 years ago near a sacred Crow buffalo jump. That was where the Native Americans were said to run the bisons over the cliff and then arranging the bison skulls in ceremonial manner. Originally inhabited by Crow Native Americans, the Dryhead Agates name was born to reflect the many bison skulls found near the site.  Forming in a marine deposit millions of years ago, this area has been uplifted to the edge of the fourth largest canyon in the world.  The varying banded colors, known as fortification, formed one layer at a time making each pattern one of a kind.  

More about Montana Agate:  Montana Agate, a name given to the beautiful chalcedony found, most abundantly, in the alluvial gravels of the Yellowstone River. Born from volcanic activity, Montana Agate's genesis was centered in Yellowstone National Park, which offered the conditions necessary for the formation of agate over hundreds of years. As a result of it's formation and origin, Montana Agate was named the state's official gemstone in 1969 (along with the Montana sapphire). Agate ranks high (7/8) on the Moh's 1-10 hardness scale and will last for generations. It may be for this reason that many people believe agate has special properties that promote strength and healing while keeping the wearer safe. 

Dimensions: 1 7/8" length

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