Loon Flameless Candle with Timer

Heather Mull

This Montana made flameless candle with a loon swimming in the reeds has a tranquil feel to it and has a different look when it is lit.  The artisan combines actual hand painting with real foliage pressed into the beeswax. All candles are handmade and arranged artistically on a background of light ivory beeswax.

This process requires several subtle stages of color to create a softly glowing silhouetted background when the candles are lit.

These candles are flameless with a melted top look - which captures the appearance and atmosphere of a soft flickering candle glow with the added safety of flameless.

Each candle uses two “C” batteries which will provide up to 900 hours of ‘lit’ time. Each candle is equipped with an automatic timer which can be set to 4 hours (on) or 8 hours(on), and the candle will turn on and off automatically each day. If preferred, the candle can be turned on and off manually as well.

This design makes a great addition to your western home decor and makes a unique gift any time of year, but especially as a Montana Christmas gift. 

Choose any combination of sizes for your loon candle

You may purchase up to three candles in any combination sizes 

If you only would like one candle, then simply select "none" for the options of a 2nd and 3rd candle. If you would like two candles, then put "none" in the space for a 3rd candle option.


  • Small  Candle: 3 x 4”     $29.00
  • Medium  Candle: 3 x 6” $39.00
  • Large  Candle: 3 x 8”     $47.00 

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