Felted Brim Alpaca Wool Hat SOLD OUT

MaryJo Marceau Hawthorne

Softer than cashmere, warmer than sheep's wool, and super-resistant to water - alpaca wool is exceptionally durable and one of the best natural fibers for cold weather. Alpacas are raised in Bozeman, MT and the clothing is hand-knit by the ranch owners. This is an exceptional product of the highest quality. Alpaca fur clothes and accessories will last for many years.

This design features a brimmed edge in charcoal grey, hand-felted and stitched. Very breathable fabric and design allows this alpaca hat to be worn in many seasons and it's subtle style will go with any outfit.

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See Size Guide

Size Guide

Place a tape measure on your forehead just above the eyebrow. Fit it around your head, ensuring that the widest part of the head is included. It should be a snug measurement but do not pull the tape too tight, or your hat will be too tight. Women are usually between 21" and 24".  Please use comment box on check out page if your size is different from those offered..