Copper Cuff Unisex Stack Bracelets (Size Choices) - Sold Out

Shirley Moorman

This set of 5 copper cuff stack bracelets are cut from square, raw copper wire. It's then formed, hammered and shaped to size. They are then darkened to a warm patina. Each bracelet has a different pattern.

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SIZE CHOICES - CHOOSE FROM DROP DOWN MENU -PLEASE NOTE: To choose your size, take your measurement by wrapping a tape measure snug around your wrist. There is always a little "give" to adjust the bracelet tighter or looser to suite your preference.

Wearing unsealed copper can react with the skin and leave a harmless green tone on the skin where worn, which washes off easily. However, some believe in the natural healing properties of copper, so normally the artisan does not seal the copper for this reason.

If you wish to have it sealed to avoid any skin reaction , just write in the box at check out where it says "Notes to Distinctly" and the artisan will add several coats of Renaissance Wax to help remedy this.
Great gift for him or her. Wear alone, or stack several together.