30 Cal. Antique Brass Bullet Pen w/ Antler Inlay

Kim Nash

Enhance your workspace or office desk with one of these unique Brass Bullet Pens w/ Antler Inlay made from authentic 30 caliber bullets and deer antlers. Antler has been used since prehistoric times as a material to make tools, weapons, ornaments, and toys. Each of our hand-crafted antler pieces are a modern and Montana-made representation of this prehistoric practice.  If you're a rustic and western accessory enthusiast, then you will love this Brass Bullet Pen w/ Antler Inlay.  

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Materials: Replica Rose Gold 30 Caliber Bullet Cartridge Tip, 30 Caliber interchangeable Rifle Clip, and Rose Gold Bullet Primer Cap on end of pen. Pen advances and retracts the Parker Style refill.

*made using mule or whitetail deer shed antlers

Dimensions: 5 1/4" long


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