5 Must-See Montana Waterfalls

I love those special moments as I hike along a secluded trail and suddenly come upon a beautiful waterfall. I thought you’d like to hear about 5 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Montana, as listed by Larry and Nathan Johnson in Distinctly Montana Magazine. 

Graves Creek • Northwest Montana 

You will fall in love with this place. The Jewel Basin is just to the west, Hungry Horse Reservoir to the east; Handkerchief Lake, innumerable waterfalls, and some nice campsites will more than entice you to come back. Graves Creek Falls is just upstream from the bridge that crosses the road with the small trail heading upstream from a small pullout picnic area. 

Morrell Falls • Western Montana 

The Morrell Falls National Historic Trail is a 2.3-mile hike into the Lolo National Forest. This is a fairly easy day hike that really doesn’t have any steep grades to it. The trail leads through tightly spaced stands of Lodgepole pine, past the 23-acre Morrell Lake and on to a series of waterfalls.

Arnica Falls • North-central Montana

When you come across this golden-yellow falls, you will be surprised at how quickly it appears. This waterfall has several levels — the top is the largest and most dramatic plunge, while the lower part is reckless cascades. 

Upper Big Timber Falls • Central Montana

A dull roar and an informative sign greet you as you start walking toward the falls. This is an easy, eighth-mile hike on a well marked trail. 

Woodbine • South-central Montana

Woodbine Falls Trail starts in the northeast corner of Woodbine Campground. From the trailhead you begin to climb uphill gradually, but in just a couple of hundred yards the trail gets more difficult by switchbacking up the mountainside.

Anthea George
Anthea George