Made in Montana "NOT" in China

October 02, 2016

“Handcrafted in Montana” used to carry more meaning, back in the day when cottage industries and “mom-and-pop” home operations would create terrific, everyday-useful items alongside tourist souvenirs and the bric-a-brac. Fortunately, “Made in Montana” survives to this day, and seems to be making a bit of a comeback, as the buying public searches for authenticity in its purchasing, seeking items that are both made by hand, and made in Montana, a more modern reason why we still call this the Treasure State.

What does Made in Montana mean?  At Distinctly Montana Gifts we see many fine and interesting items at fairs, farmer markets and small shops across the state.  Not all, however, can be called Montana-made or even handcrafted.  The number of items that are made in China,” made in Mexico, or other developing countries is staggering.  We query each of the artists and artisans on our site as to the origin of the materials and labor for “Made in Montana.”  Our criteria includes verification that some portion of the material, and nearly all the labor must originate and be completed in Montana.  This is a gift shop for Montana artists and artisans to be in the spotlight.

Made in Montana includes a wide range of items, from elk antler napkin rings, alpaca outerwear and bison sausage to hand-forged belt buckles and (of course) Montana sapphires, mined and set to match our beautiful big skies.  Made in Montana in our gift store means that you are assured that the item or items you purchase are not only made in the U.S.A., but also in the great state of Montana.  No matter if you are shopping for a memorable gift, or a handcrafted souvenir of Montana, you can rely on the fact that Distinctly Montana Gifts is your best source, for authentic Montana-made crafts.

Our artists and artisans take terrific pride in their work. Made in Montana means something to them, and they all stand by their product and work, which means that we stand by them, and guarantee your satisfaction on each and every purchase.  Made in Montana and handcrafted is not only a pledge on our part for authenticity, it also carries a promise of honoring the tradition of those long-ago handcrafted items, made in the Montana of old.  We hope you will enjoy each and every item you purchase and please know that you can rely on us every time for making “handcrafted” and “Made in Montana” both a promise and a reality.

Made in Montana. Handcrafted. Distinctly Montana Gifts.  That’s all you have to know!

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